Finding Cheap Cell Phones And Cell Phone Covers

The emergence of the technology giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft has caused a major revolution in the cellular phone industry. There is now a clear line of difference between feature phones and smart phones. Feature phones are cheap cell phones that provide users with the facility to make calls, send messages and enjoy other simple utilities.

Only a few feature phones provide the facility to connect to the Internet and check emails. On the other hand, smart phones provide all major functionalities that one gets in a computer, and additionally allows voice calls and text messages as well.

Smart phones are the device of the future as it is merges most of our digital activities in one particular handset. While one can make voice calls and send text messages through a smart phone, it also connects you to the Internet, lets you check your email, listen to songs, click photos and share it with your friends. The possibilities are endless, and with Google, Apple and Microsoft providing their online services through special apps on these smart phones, it is easier to get connected to their ecosystem.

Since Microsoft and Apple are proprietary organizations, their smartphones are generally expensive and offer limited number of applications. On the other hand, the Android technology is an open source software stack, and is open for anyone to use and modify it under the General Public License (GPL). This allows local manufacturers to use Android as the operating system for their smart phones. In fact, majority of all cheap cell phones running on the Android ecosystem provides most features available in Microsoft or Apple smartphones.

Since these phones are used daily, it is highly likely to be subjected to wear and tear. Therefore it is important that we protect them with proper gears. Most smart phones have a touch screen display, and it is important to protect the screen with a screen guard. Moreover, in order to cover the phone completely, most online stores sell cell phone cases of different types.

The mobile cases and covers industry is as large as the cell phone industry itself. There are several variations of mobile covers available in the market – while some of them are flip covers that provide the feel of a diary, other cases include hard-coated back covers and soft covers made of silica. Moreover, these cases are available in several colors that cater to a vast range of individual sense of style.

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