What is the role of social learning networks in the Education Industry?

The face of the education industry has changed at a quicker rate after the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. The need for the education sector to run smoothly resulted in all the educational institutions to adopt an online learning approach. However, this form of learning became popular in no time and many students started to learn via an online learning platform to make the most from this approach. 

The popularity of online education has taken a positive turn in the education sector. There are many EdTech companies that have started creating their own online teaching platforms for both educators and learners. 

With this change, another learning approach that has been growing insanely is social learning networks

What is the Social Learning Network? 

A Social learning network is simply a network that connects both educators and learners to fulfill their educational needs. 

To make it clear, let’s take an example of a social networking site like LinkedIn. It is a professional network that connects recruiters or businesses with job seekers from anywhere in the world. 

Similarly, these social learning networks connect educators and learners so that they can conduct their online session without any hassle. While doing this, they can also carry out numerous other educational activities which we will discuss further in this article.

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