The Noble Mind

When one searches for something to believe in and when all around you seems to be false and misleading then I recommend taking a closer look at Noble Virtues. Create your own list of Virtues and keep them simple and try to live your life in accordance with those Virtues.

The understanding of Virtues can awaken the Noble Inspirational Leader Within each of us and as such they can be practiced and developed and cultivated within ourselves for our own benefit and that of others. From the idea of Noble Virtues you can then see that blends with Noble Aspirations that can guide and motivate us to become Leaders of Ourselves and then to become Leaders of Others.

The greatest of all Aspirations is to follow a Noble Cause and this is also a component of this simple and yet effective way of becoming a True Leader or a Noble Leader.

Whatever we are attempting to achieve in our life, from the development of skills or of virtues they all have one thing in common. This commonality is that sometimes along the way we become lost and lose our direction or self confidence and when this happens we can see that “The Assassin Within” us is flourishing. When this happens we need to be aware of all the components of our Self Destructive Nature and then we can begin to realign with our objective.

My philosophy for many years has been that of “awakening the noble leader within” because I believe that we are all born with inherent qualities of goodness and nobility but due to our circumstances and social upbringing and influences we can easily lose the way. When the way is lost or simply forgotten then we are overtaken by all the vices of the World and thus we fall easily into so many self destructive ways. As this happens we become sad and disappointed.

Although there are many ways to climb out of this dilemma I believe that essentially we are all looking for the same thing in life. Our lives can be easily affected by lack of certainty about ourselves such as who we are and what we are doing here. We are also affected by our role in society-our jobs and our relationships with others. These external influences if not managed well can be self destructive.

So what is it that we are looking for? Is it peace or is it wealth or is it virtues?

It is my belief that essentially we should strive to acquire a Noble Mind.

With a Mind that is Noble then we can handle all that goes on in the World around us. A Noble Mind is a Mind of Wisdom that can see things as they really are and not as the way they appear to be. A Noble Mind is one that is always calm and peaceful and not affected by the vices and misdirection of the World. You can ask yourself about the way in which your Mind works. Some people will always see the glass half empty whereas others will always see the same glass as half full or even overflowing. What is the difference? What have they discovered that we have not? Is it genetics or their own upbringing? In some instances I think it can be either or both but even then this way of looking at the World has come to them from others.

But how can we achieve this “Noble Mind”? Some might say that it is beyond human capability. Most humans are too apprehensive about their lives and future and see the World as one of struggle and fighting to maintain a place for them. They see it as survival.

And so we can see that essentially it is one of attitude. With the right attitude much can be accomplished but with the wrong attitude then what could be accomplished would not be so easy and may end in failure. Failure creates more failure. Success creates more success and it all begins with the Mind.

And so I say that we should look for The Noble Mind. The Noble Mind that lies within us all. When we are still and composed and at peace then we can look back into this Mind and see that it’s real nature is Noble and this is what we need to find and then to cultivate so that we will never again fall back into the way we were.

Look for the Noble Mind within. When one has discovered and mastered the Noble Mind then no longer do we need to act and pretend our way through life and circumstances. It then becomes the Natural Way for us. Not forcing anything -not thinking about the wrong way or the right way-but just allowing ourselves to follow our Noble Mind.

Of course in order to do this because we are only human we need to practice and cultivate certain ways of living. If we live a life of corruption then we could never have a Noble Mind. If we live a life of deceit or anger or mistrust then we could never have a Noble Mind. So in life we need to follow Noble Virtues and for us our Noble Cause could be simple in that we do not really need to aspire to change all that is wrong in the World but only to find our Noble Mind. When we have found that and can live with our Noble Mind then we will change all that is around us and in so doing have a profound effect on the World.

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