The Marvelous World of Online Shopping

Today you can buy everything on the internet, may it be a box of matches or a modern fighter jet. Everything is for sale. Only 15 years ago it seemed that something like this would be possible in the far future. Today buying a TV set on the internet is not much different than buying a carton of milk in your nearest supermarket.

So is this a good or bad thing. Well it probably depends from which side you are looking at it. In general items bought online have a lower price which is due to the fact that it is sold directly out of the warehouse and there is no need for a retailer so no extra costs like salary for a sales clerk or lease for a shopping area. The quantity from which you can choose is not comparable from a retail shop. Quantity means the possibility to find the necessary quality for an acceptable price. On the other hand the customer looses the possibility to see and touch the item in real life. For a lot of people online shopping still feels like buying ”cat in a sack” so a number of people view online shopping as shady process and in general are very afraid of being scammed. Actually to some degree they have a valid point because the whole sales process is very anonymous and as such it is prone to scam. But on the other hand anonymous shopping can have its benefits. But we must face the fact that there is no actual anonymity on the internet. We all have IP addresses which can be used to locate the terminal we are using and as soon as we submit our credit card number we identify ourselves. If you want total anonymity then throw away your mobile phone and go on to live in the deepest woods. I don’t see that happening for me.

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