Hair Straighteners For Thick And Fine Hair

Hair straighteners are used for both thick and fine hair. Which type you have depends on which tool you should purchase.

Hair straighteners are the newest “must have” tool for both professional and amateur hair stylists. Whether you own your own salon or just plan to do your own hair, this tool should be in your cabinet. This tool is designed to straighten hair. The texture of the hair will determine what type you should purchase.

If you have naturally, thick and curly hair you are going to need a straightener that has multiple settings and is geared towards thick hair. Hair straighteners that are designed for thicker hair are built to produce more heat than other similar tools. The average one can reach temperatures of 400 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that you get the sleek and smooth look you are hoping to achieve.

When it comes to thinner hair, the temperature of the tool is just as important. However, instead of wanting your flat iron to go up to 400 degrees you should be more concerned with how low of a temperature can be maintained. While heat is what is needed to produce sleek shiny hair, too much heat can damage hair beyond repair.

The best hair straighteners are those that come with variable temperature controls. A good one comes equipped to produce a large range of heat so that it can be used for thick or fine hair easily and quickly. This variable is also handy when it comes to using your flat iron for curling or adding

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